Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Counting the time in quarter tones

Okay, so I leave in 2 days for Deutschland. It's still not quite real, but I suppose I'll deal with that when I get there and realize it isn't all just an elaborate movie set/hoax/dream circa Inception.

I'm still in the process of stuffing my suitcase and even with the Hayes family's fantastic ability to pack light and tight, I still have to make sure that I'm not over-indulging in clothing. I've bopped over to various stores and picked up loose ends like toiletry kits, ear plugs, alarm clocks, etc. Its a lot like packing for college, only instead of thinking "okay, what else could I possibly need" it's "okay, what could I possibly leave."

So now, I suppose, it's time to start making my goodbyes and getting pumped for the journey (not really like I'm not bouncing on the balls of my feet already). I should also definitely return the Lego Harry Potter game to Blockbuster, that isn't something to forget about. The next two days will surely be full of scrambling, with a few moments to slow down and savor.

I suppose I will talk to you again from the other side of the Atlantic. Auf wiedersehen!

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